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Having an affair can help you lose weight!

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  • Feb 21, 2013, 15:00 PM IST
Having an affair can help you lose weight!, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Believe it or not, having an affair is actually better for weight loss than going on a diet.

According to a survey, having an affair may be one of the most effective ways to shed the pounds.

Just over half of men and 62 percent of women said that they had shed pounds after embarking on an affair, the Daily Mail reported.

Apparently, men who were straying lost an average of 6lbs whilst the women claim to have lost 10lbs on average.

The experts habe actually asked people to take the survey lightly, which was carried out by dating website UndercoverLovers.com.

The psychologists feel that there are several other physiological reasons for weight loss.

“Engaging in an affair puts an enormous amount of pressure on an individual. Telling lies, avoiding direct confrontations and sneaking around someone’s back cause a lot of stress,”

Craig Jackson, Professor of Psychology at Birmingham City University was quoted as saying.

“You produce adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, your heart rate goes up, your breathe faster, your blood pressure rises and levels of serotonin are increased. All this can burn calories,” he added.

According to Craig, when one is juggling between people, then there's no time to eat and drink and that's the main reason of the weight loss, which is caused by affairs.  

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