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Recipe of a happy family decoded

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  • Feb 20, 2013, 17:27 PM IST
Recipe of a happy family decoded, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

If you want to have a blissful family life, then all you need to do is sweat it out with your kids, play a goofy game of charades suggests best-selling author Bruce Feiler.

Feiler turned to hundreds of examples of non-parenting wisdom from a variety of sources -- from bankers to Green Berets -- for his new book, “The Secrets of Happy Families,” to bring families closer together, according to ABC News.

Also, a lot of interesting advice came forward as well, like- try moving the furniture, ditch date night and let the kids pick their own punishments.

Feiler spoke with Warren Buffett’s banker for advice on finances and said one should not tie allowances to chores. “All families have conflict. It’s the families that cope with the conflict best that are the best able to function successfully. Laughter, silliness, games can be a great antidote to the conflict,” Feiler was quoted as saying.


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