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Television’s funny bone Manish Paul’s love story with wife Sanyukta

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  • Jul 24, 2013, 00:00 AM IST

Manish since a young kid was a flirt and Sanyukta (his wife) was the quiet, studious kind. It was a relationship neither could imagine living without.


Sanyukta and Manish Paul shared many things from school yard to lunches, project work and even school trips. Sanyukta once said in an interview, “I hated it when my mother would make me stay home and share my mechanics set with Manish or play word games when I wanted to be with my friends.”

Manish in class 11th, used to flirt with other girls, and Sanyukta in return gave him the cold shoulder. That’s when Manish finally told her about his true feelings for her. But she brushed him off for a while saying she was worried that she’d lose him as a friend.


The two finally married when Manish went to Mumbai from Delhi to work as a VJ with Zee Music. The marriage though was not tough as the families had also known each other for long.

The couple has a daughter named Saisha, and stay in Mumbai now.


Clcik to see more pictures of the TV star with his family.

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