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Things you should never say to your woman

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  • Feb 22, 2013, 15:47 PM IST
Things you should never say to your woman, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Have a volley questions bowled at you when you reach home? Well, if you try your best at handling them with a counterattack, it's time you stop doing that, especially if you seem to be saying all the wrong things to her in return of her fury.

A survey done of 2,500 women has actually revealed things women really want to hear. It showed that even straight-forward questions from wives or girlfriends like “do you think I need to lose weight?” can be a minefield, the Daily Mail reported.

As per the survey, her question should not be answered with “no way” since it is the worst response a woman wants to hear.
It was found that 43 percent women favour the supportive response, for example- “If you feel like that, let’s diet together.”

Also, thought the next time your guys are for dinner, she might offer to pay the bill, you should not let her do the needful as 23 percent of women in the Quiz Factor survey said that they expected that response. In fact, 45 percent claimed that they wanted men to insist and pay the bill.

Apparently, women do like flattery, but don't appreciate when men go overboard. It was found that women expect a “hadn’t noticed” answer instead of "ugly" when they quiz their man about how their best friend looks.

In case your woman asks you about her mother, you have to reply with “she seems nice.”

When paying her a compliment, try and not call her sexy, instead call her beautiful.

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