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Actually, iPhone 5 will cost you about Rs. 93,800

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  • Oct 03, 2012, 17:01 PM IST
Actually, iPhone 5 will cost you about Rs. 93,800, news news in English

news news in English

iPhone5 has just hit the market. And a new infographic designed by content marketing firm Avalaunch Media details how much this new high-end device is actually going to cost you.

Apparently, including the voice and data plan, and accessories, this newest Apple gadget will cost you about $1,800 (about Rs. 93,800), according to this infographic.

The cost estimates are based on needs of the customer, as some customers might require some accessories while some do not require a new case or a charger for their iPhone5. The iPhone4 users who are looking to upgrade to the new iPhone5 will be burdened with several outside costs which were not announced at the Apple grand launch.

This infographic has been published on the Mashable website, and could be read here

This inforgraphic says, the 16 GB unit costs $199 (about Rs.10,380) with a two-year contract, or $649 (approximately Rs. 33,820) without a contract. The users who will want a higher memory capacity will for storing songs, games and other things, might consider a 32 GB version ($299, or about Rs. 15,600 with a contract) or the 64 GB version ($399 or about Rs. 20,800 with contract).

The absolute lowest cost for a two-year voice and data plan with the iPhone5 will cost $1,439.76 or about Rs. 74,990. For high speed services the costs will be higher.

Besides this, the accessories for the new iPhonen5 including the new, the users either need to buy an adapter for their old chargers or buy a new charger, costing about Rs.990 to Rs. 2,030.

Since the new iPhone is lighter and thinner and lighter, one would need a protective case, which will also cost the user some money. The Mac forums already posted news that it is easy to scratch the black phone. A recent survey by warranty repairs company SquareTrade showed that damage to iPhones has collectively cost Americans close to $6 billion since 2007, says the news report.

Let us not discuss the apps, the customers might download and use.


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