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Facebook & Microsoft join hands to kill Google for online ad space

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  • Dec 07, 2012, 12:43 PM IST
Facebook & Microsoft join hands to kill Google for online ad space, social media news in English

social media news in English

New Delhi:Like the buzz that has been going around for quite sometime now, sources now strongly suggest that Facebook & Microsoft are indeed coming together to take on Google for the online advertising space industry. The social networking giant is now in talks with buying out Atlas Software which Microsoft bought in 2007, for $6 billion. According to Business Insider, the terms for the exchange and the money to be exhanged are being discussed. Though there isnt official word out yet, but if the deal goes ahead as intended, Google will have competition in the online ad space for the first time since it bought in the idea. 
The Facebook model is virtually perfect for being a network based online ad space. It is currently the only online social networking platform, that has more than a billion internet users on it, actively participating in various forms. While Microsoft has already challenged Google's Android platform, it is a landlock situation now, where operating system and social networking will be taken over by rival companies of Google. 
The other point to ponder upon is the forum Facebook gives a prime platform, for picking up data base on user preferences and habits. When publishing online ads, if these personal details are used for strategic advertising, then the participation and activities based around them, could be far more productive, and has the potential to generate more revenue in the long term scheme of things. Add to this, the Facebook claim that they have recorded 3.2 billion different activities on the social network site daily, combined with the expertise of Microsoft in the application and software space. Pretty tough times ahead, and we all hope Larry Page and Sergei Brin.    

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