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Witness to violence? Youtube launches 'human rights' channel

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  • Jun 12, 2012, 10:27 AM IST
Witness to violence? Youtube launches 'human rights' channel, social media news in English

social media news in English

Witness to violence? Youtube launches 'human rights' channelNew Delhi: Thousands of instances of violence against unarmed, innocent women, men and children across the world go unseen and unheard everyday. But the ones among those that get captured by an electronic device have successfully brought international attention to unknown atrocities, generated outcry and brought an end to injustice perpetrated by power wielders.

A new channel started on Youtube by nonprofit organisation Witness attempts to emerge as a platform where telling evidence of human rights violence can be uploaded and shared with the rest of the world.

Co-founded in 1992 by musician and human rights advocate Peter Gabriel, Human Rights First and the Reebok Human Rights Foundation, Witness has been sharing unseen images and stories of human rights violations for several years now. The Youtube channel seems to be a step further in the direction.

The channel http://www.youtube.com/humanrights has been receiving several videos carrying footage of actual cases of human rights violations in Syria, Mali, Egypt and Cambodia. Videos of protest marches and hunger strikes being observed in countries such as Mexico and Bahrain have also been uploaded.

"When Witness was founded, the impetus for its creation was the Rodney King, Jr. incident – in which a bystander captured ­­­­­evidence of police brutality on his handheld video camera," the organisation's official website informs.

"Our initial focus was to “give cameras to human rights activists around the world.” Since then, Witness has developed a comprehensive training approach focused on video advocacy – the use of video as an integrated tool in human rights campaigns."

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