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Why did Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat break-up?

  • Bhaskar News
  • Nov 04, 2013, 13:13 PM IST
New Delhi:After gleefully squandering his talent for close to 6 years, Rohit Sharma is back, and hopefully for good. The elegant right-hander celebrated his Test call-up with a bang, blasting a brutal yet classy 209. 
By virtue of his marathon effort, Rohit became only the third batsman (and Indian) to score a ODI double ton. Also, his 16 sixes ensured he created the world record of hitting most sixes in an ODI innings. 
While 2013 has been red-hot for the Mumbai batsman- his elevation to the top has seen him scoring with tremendous consistency- things were quite different and difficult early on. His alleged relationship with British- Indian model Sofia Hayat did him no good either. 
The two consistently denied being in relationship, but were a regular on party circuits. They were often spotted in quiet coffee shops and restaurants, and made for some spicy Page 3 gossip. 
However, the two parted ways after Rohit refused to acknowledge Sofia as even a friend, and told the press that the latter was just a fan. A hurt Sofia severed all ties with him, and Rohit, who allegedly used to compromise his match preparations for Sofia, was back with vengeance. 
As Rohit Sharma finally looks to realise his potential after a painful wait, here’s hoping that the classy stroke-maker balances his personal and professional lives with maturity. 
We take a look at some rare images of Rohit and his alleged girlfriend: 
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