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End of the road? What are the options for Jose Mourinho

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  • Dec 04, 2012, 20:47 PM IST
New Delhi: After an ordinary performance in the Champions League and domestic tourney, Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho’s ties with the club President have reportedly gone sour. It has also been reported that the legendary manager has decided to quit the job in June 2013 irrespective of whether Real Madrid wins the Champions League or not.
A Madrid-based sports paper - Marca - has reported that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, last weekend, said that Mourinho is cutting his own throat and criticized him as a manager alongside his difficult character.
The reports suggest that the players back Mourinho in the outside world, but indoors at the club dressing room they just ignore him, something which is driving Mourinho to despair.
In the Madrid derby pre-match press conference, Mourinho reacted to boos he had received during the previous home games by saying that he would be on the pitch 40 minutes before kick-off so that anyone who wanted to boo him again, could do so.
The Madrid coach stood grey and angry in his overcoat at the appointed time and received applause that is believed to be from more photographers than supporters, given it was such a long time before kick-off.
Mourinho’s provocative step attracted a lot of criticism as people questioned the need of pulling off such an act by a manager of his caliber.
After Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho has also got numerous lucrative deals and clubs to choose from, including Manchester United, PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea.
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