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In Pics: The brilliant footwork of Gayle storm

  • Bhaskar News
  • May 22, 2012, 09:39 AM IST

In Pics: The brilliant footwork of Gayle stormDelhi: The Gayle storm never ceases to escape the lime light, be it on or off the filed. After captivating his fans with his brilliance antics with the bat, Chris Gayle was seen shaking legs at a music launch ceremony in Bangalore. 

The Kannada Cinema is desperately trying to cash in on the hype the West Indian has generated with his brilliant performance in the IPL league matches. 

Recently Chris Gayle was asked to be a part of the music launch ceremony of the Kannada film, Kiladi Kitty. Gayle made a bollywood style entry in to the party. Later, he was seen shaking a leg with the lead star of the movie, Haripriya. 

Chris Gayle might enter the Indian film industry. He has been offered many roles in the Indian cinema. 

Though Royal Challengers Bangalore is no longer a part of the tournament, but that has not dampened the spirit of the batsmen. 

Gayle loves to be among his fans and never ceases an opportunity to entertain them.

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