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IPL 6: Forget ‘Gangnam style’ it’s time for Gayle style

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  • Apr 23, 2013, 21:50 PM IST
Bangalore:April 23, 2013 will soon be declared as the ‘Chris Gayle’ day. This man had everything going his way today.
From scoring 175 not out to taking two wickets in the final over, he was the star of the match and by far the highlight of IPL6.
Chris Gayle came, he saw and he conquered.
A thunderstorm is usually followed by rain; it went the other way around in Bangalore’s Chinnaswamy stadium.
The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore was stopped due to rain in the second over of RCB’s innings.
Match started again and then came the thunderstorm called Chris Gayle.
175 runs in 66 balls, at a strike rate 265.15. In his carnage Gayle hit 13 fours and 17 sixes, the man remained unbeaten till the end.
This was the most brutal and destructive inning ever played in cricketing history and it was every cricket fan’s delight.
No bowler was spared and every other ball was being delivered into the stand. 
Records tumbled as Gayle batted. Let’s take a look at the records that broke today when this man thrashed the Pune bowlers all over the ground.
Image Courtesy BCCI
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