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PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket

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  • Oct 10, 2012, 20:53 PM IST
PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket
New Delhi:Pakistan cricket has been often surrounded with controversies, whether it may be spot fixing by some talented young players, ball tampering or doping charges on team members. 
These controversies not only affected country's image, they also brought a bad name for the 'gentleman's game.'
Let's have a look at the top-10 scandals involving people from Pakistani cricket fraternity. 

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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket


    2. Shakoor Rana:  In one of the most controversial incidents in cricketing history, Shakoor Rana came face-to-face with Mike Gatting in the finger-wagging incident that stopped the Faislabad test in 1987. 
    The incident in question occurred on the second day of the test as Gatting was controversially accused by Rana of making an alteration to the fielding positions as Eddie Hemmings ran in to bowl. 
    Rana stopped the game and accused Gatting of cheating. Rana had already upset the English by wearing a Pakistan sweater and placing Mudassar Nazar's cap on his own head. The game was stopped by the incident and only resumed the following day. Rana and Gatting were both accused of using foul language, much of which was heard by a worldwide TV audience via the stump camera. (Wikipedia)
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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket


    3. Shahid Afridi: This former captain of Pakistan team was fined and banned from the Champions Trophy in 2000 after he was spotted with women in his hotel in Singapore. 
    Although Afridi claimed that those women were his fans and had come to take his autograph. 
    Unimpressed by his excuse, PCB suspended him for the series.    
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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket


    4. Shoaib Akhtar: Widely regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in the history, Shoaib was banned for ball tampering charges in a triangular series in 2003 held in Sri Lanka. 
    In the same year, he was banned for one Test match and two ODIs for abusing South African spin bowler Paul Adams, during a match.
    On 16 October 2006 Akhtar was suspended by the PCB, along with Mohammed Asif after both were tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance nandrolone.
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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket

    5. Afridi caugt ball 'chewing' on camera: Afridi once again came into the limelight for wrong reasons when he was caught 'chewing' the ball on camera during a match. 

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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket

    6. Saqlain Mustaq and Mohammed Akram outside strip club: In 1998 during Pakistan's South Africa tour, Akram and Saqlain were caught up in a brawl with locals outside a strip club named Club-69. Both were in inebriated condition and suffered injuries during the fist-fight. 

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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket


    7. Spot fixing by Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Muhammad Aamir: In one of the biggest fixing scandals, Pakistan’s Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Aamir were charged with spot fixing after the fourth test against England at Lord's in 2010. 
    The trio were first banned by the ICC's anti-corruption tribunal and were handed jail sentences by a Crown Court in London in the same year. 
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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket

    8. Controversial Inzamam-ul-Haq: In a 1997 Sahara Cup match against India in Toronto, Inzamam assaulted a member of the crowd, Shiv Kumar Thind, a Canadian-based Indian, who had been comparing Inzamam to several kinds of potato.

    'Inzy' was also accused of ball tampering during test match against England in 2006. Pakistan was handed over a five-run fine. Infuriated with the punishment, Pakistan refused to enter the ground. England was declared winner of the match. 

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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket


    9. Match fixing by umpires: Till now the term 'match fixing' was generally associated with the cricketrs who throw the game for money, but the recent sting operation carried out by a private news channel in India unraveled the menace prominent among umpires too. 
    The sting operation showed that how some umpires from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh agreed to favour particular team for money. 
    In the sting operation, Pakistan's Nadeem Ghauri and Anees Siddiqui were shown agreeing to favour the particular teams in exchange for umpiring contracts and money. 
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    PHOTOS: Top-10 'misdemeanors' of Pakistanis which shamed cricket


    10. Bob Woolmer's 'mysterious' death:  Pakistan cricket once came under the limelight for wrong reasons when their coach Bob Woolmer was dead under mysterious conditions in his hotel room in March 2007 during the World Cup at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston.
    In an interview with Fox News, former South African cricketer Clive Rice claimed that Woolmer was murdered by organised crime groups, saying “These mafia betting syndicates do not stop at anything and they do not care who gets in their way.
    However, On 12 June 2007, Lucius Thomas, the commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, announced that the investigation had concluded that Bob Woolmer died of natural causes, and was not murdered as indicated by the earlier pathologist's report.  

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