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Rank turner: MS Dhoni slams cricketers-turned-commentators

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  • Dec 04, 2012, 18:55 PM IST
Rank turner: MS Dhoni slams cricketers-turned-commentators, latest news news in English

latest news news in English

New Delhi: After being heavily criticized over his demand for rank turners, Indian skipper MS Dhoni on Tuesday slammed his critics, majorly former cricketers-turned-commentators. He bluntly said that he was not bothered about their comments.
When asked about former players’ critical comments, Dhoni said: “I don’t have a platform like them. I am not on TV assessing neither do I write columns.”
“Criticism is a big part and parcel of the game, especially in Indian cricket. You get a lot of support when you perform well. But the same people run you down when you do not do well,” he said.
“I am not bothered by what is being said,” added Dhoni.
He also said that he is not under pressure as India’s captain as he preferred walking the middle path and not getting swayed either by adulation or criticism.
“When team does well, you get appreciated and should also take criticism when you don’t do well. The important thing is you learn to walk the middle path,” added Dhoni.
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