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TWITTER BUZZ: Mohammad Azharuddin becomes butt of jokes

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  • Nov 08, 2012, 17:30 PM IST
TWITTER BUZZ: Mohammad Azharuddin becomes butt of jokes, latest news news in English

latest news news in English

New Delhi: With the Andhra Pradesh High Court terming the life ban on Mohammad Azharuddin as illegal, the former Indian skipper expressed his desire to contribute towards the game. But, his recent press conference has instigated the Twitterati to poke fun at him.
As Mohammad Azharuddin trends on Twitter, numerous tweets with strong emotions and feelings stormed the micro-blogging site.
On one hand, where Twitterati suggested Bollywood director Karan Johar to make a movie titled - My Name is Mohammad Azharuddin And I am not a Fixer on him, others made fun of his Congress MP tag.
Here’s a compilation of some hilarious tweets on Azhar:
@Against_Pseudos: Time for @kjohar25 to make a movie titled - "My Name is Mohammad Azharuddin" And I am not a Fixer!
@coolfunnytshirt: BCCI to Mohammad Azharuddin : Ok then, you will be coaching Rohit Sharma. Azharuddin : Ok, ban me again!
@Old_Monk60: Mohammad Azharuddin can now endorse that advertisement he turned down for Dr. Fixit before.
@PMOlndian: How could Mohammad Azharuddin be a fixer? He is a Congress MP.
@UntamedBachelor: Mohammad Azharuddin is trending...Next stop Bigg Boss.
@HyderabadiChai: Ram Gopal Verma can now make a movie on Mohammad Azharuddin - Azhar Returns.
@Rahu1Gandhi: So finally Mohammad Azharuddin ji got the chance to speak the typical Congress one - liner, "Allegations against me are Baseless".
@sumashiv: Why doesn't Mohammad Azharuddin now say that the life ban on him is lifted because he belongs to the minority???
@ydkoldi: Talk to Manish Tewari and he will tell u why Mohammad Azharuddin is not a fixer.


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