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Stomach Churning 52-Second Video Shows Mother Feeding Live Worms To Her Toddler Daughter

  • Jasmine Philip
  • Mar 20, 2017, 18:13 PM IST
Mother feeds toddler live worms

Mother feeds toddler live worms

In a heart-wrenching video, an Indonesian mother is seen feeding her toddler with live worms, while the child enjoys them as a delicacy. The video that was recently uploaded by mother Deri Lioni, has taken Netizens by shock.
Ever since the video has been uploaded, it has spread across the internet like wild fire, with many criticising the mother for her act. While many around the world called it ‘torturous’ and ‘abusive’, seems like the toddler didn’t mind eating it one bit.
The 52-second video even showcases the little one picking up a live worm by herself to eat it up. And why not, in the Lombok region of Indonesia, eating the said sea worms is in-fact considered to be a delicacy.
According to beliefs that date back to centuries, these sea worms are said to have medicinal properties that can cure several diseases known to mankind.
Here’s a closer look at the little one enjoying her ‘live worm’ cuisine... 

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    Mother feeds toddler live worms
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    Mother feeds toddler live worms
    Mother feeds toddler live worms
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