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1 Tuk Tuk, 10 Countries; This Indian Travelled 10,000km to the UK for Only One Reason

  • Himanshu Kapoor
  • Sep 13, 2016, 16:35 PM IST


Seven months ago Naveen Rabelli, an Indian-origin engineer, had set off on a road trip from India to United Kingdom. His plan to cover this distance of 6,200 miles was not in a vehicle deemed fit for adventurous trip, but in a tuk tuk (commonly known as auto rickshaw in India).
But this trip of Rabelli’s was for a cause; to raise awareness about the electric and solar-powered vehicle as alternatives to vehicles with combustion engines. This required a number of changes to be made to the tuk tuk that he chose to ride in.
Born in India, Rabelli worked as an automotive engineer in Australia, and later became the citizen of the country. Several modifications were made by him to the tuk tuk such as installing solar panels and battery packs which were the main drivetrain of the vehicle.
But in order to travel in the tuk tuk for that long period to reach the destination, Rabelli had to convert it into a mobile home complete with bed, cupboard and a solar cooker.
But how did this idea come about? Like many other automotive ideas; stuck in a traffic jam. Rabelli and a friend of his was once stuck in a jam in India surrounded by noisy, polluting tuk tuks
Though he embarked on this journey from India, the tuk tuk had to be shipped to Iran to begin the overland leg of the trip driving through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France.
Rabelli reached Dover in England seven days behind schedule. But this journey wasn’t without setbacks and theft.
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    Modifications on the tuk tuk
    After thoroughly revising his tuk tuk Rabelli embarked on a zero emission journey. The tuk tuk has a dedicated Facebook page and we decided to hop on the ride to show you the sights of the journey.
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    Covering 10 countries
    The Indian leg of the ambitious solar journey went through Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai before the tuk tuk had to be shipped to Iran for the overland journey to UK.
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    Iran - the first country in the overland journey after India
    In Iran Rabelli gave lift to strangers and a post on the page read, "Picking up Strangers and dropping them off to next destination, amazing landscapes and making people smile!"
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    Not enough time in Bulgaria
    As per page, Rabelli liked the country and the time spent there wasn't enough, same was reflected in the post on the page which read, "Bulgaria!! my experience ended before it started!! 72 Hours is not justice to Bulgaria!"
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    In Hungary
    Rabelli arrived with his tuk tuk in Hungary and met up with the a family of other tuk tuks in capital Budapest.
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    After finishing the Austrian leg of the journey
    "Bye Bye Austria!! Such a lovely time I had! thanks for all the support!," the page posted.
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    Arriving in France
    And posted on the FB page was, "Beautiful weather has welcomed me in France, and is following me through out along with good friends!!"

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