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Brutality at its worst: Woman beaten with belts and hammer

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Apr 19, 2013, 02:13 AM IST
Johannesburg:A viral video has left the entire South African nation outraged. In the video two men are seen beating a middle-age woman with leather belts and hammer. The woman was accused of shoplifting. 
South Africa has a very bad record when it comes to protecting the dignity of womenfolk. The video is the latest in series of atrocities on women getting recorded on camera. The impunity an brutality of the video has left serious question mark over nation’s ability to protect its women.
The video was shot in October last year. The video came to notice after the leading daily, The Sun posted it on YouTube.
The three suspects are scheduled to appear in the court on April 22, in connection with the case.
The video evoked a strong response on social networking websites. People asked for the address of the supermarket so that they can burn it down.
"This shows that those fools don't respect even their own parents that are why they even lifted the legs of a woman old enough to be their mother up. They must rot in jail and if that was the instruction from the owner his shop must be boycotted so that he can suffer for the pain and humiliation of that woman", read one of the Facebook comment.
While another user clarified that the video went viral because awareness had to be raised about these heinous crimes.
"It's a good thing that those who were involved in this thing were arrested...now I hope the court will teach them a lesson , I dnt care what the woman did but what they did to her deserves nothing lesser than a life's sentence (sic)", said another Facebook user demanding a stiff punishment for the accused.
In another incident, a South African woman was thrashed by an off-duty police officer. The beating was captured on CCTV footage. 
The man struck the woman with a heavy hand making her fall to the ground. The man stomps woman's face with his boots. The man was stopped by two other police officers, but no arrest was made. 


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