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Image of man teaching alphabets to girlfriend goes viral

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  • Jan 20, 2013, 12:27 PM IST
Image of man teaching alphabets to girlfriend goes viral, trending on web news in English

trending on web news in English

New Delhi: Love is the most wonderful experience shared by all of us. Seeing two people in love is the most fascinating site.

A photograph of a man teaching his girlfriend, how to read letters has gone viral online.

The photograph was taken by a visitor in Starbuck cafe. She posted the picture with the following message. "I was sitting next to this couple at Starbucks this morning; this man John was teaching Linda the alphabet. He told us that she lost her memory and was re-learning how to read. Patience, love, and understanding at its finest."

The photographer elaborated further on the Facebook account.

"Meet Linda and John. As my friends Alexandra, Stephanie and I were sitting at Starbucks, we noticed this elderly couple. John put flashcards in front of Linda trying to help her remember what she had forgotten. My friends and I were overwhelmed by the love that these two had for each other and I knew I wanted to let them know how much of an inspiration and a perfect example of true love they were to me," said Matthew Ballestero.

The lady continued to learn the alphabets even after John went to the restroom.

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