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Ind vs Eng: Dhoni becomes butt of jokes on twitter

  • Ind vs Eng: Dhoni becomes butt of jokes on twitter
  • Dec 08, 2012, 16:04 PM IST
Ind vs Eng: Dhoni becomes butt of jokes on twitter, trending on web news in English

trending on web news in English

New Delhi: With India eyeing yet another embarrassing defeat at Kolkata after Mumbai debacle, skipper MS Dhoni is facing cricket lovers' ire. India's dribble has lead to massive outburst on social networking sites. 
Already battling his bad form and Team's poor show in the India-England series, Dhoni has become butt of jokes on Twitter. 
We bring you some of the most hilarious tweets about what could be MS Dhoni's possible excuse behind India disappointing show in the series.
Aria ‏@adagio_aria: We thought Monty was Bhajji and we were practising in nets.
ambha ‏@sambha_bhilane: #PossibleDhoniExcuses You want me to win? Sir, I'm from Jharkhand. Greatest thing for India is that I didn't turn out a naxalite.
Ragesh Nair ‏@PurpleSuave: "This is why I asked for a spinning track. If the curator had listened to what I had to say, we would've won." #PossibleDhoniExcuses
be$t yOu eVer haD! ‏@Born2bAwsome: #PossibleDhoniExcuses Sakshi didn't come to watch this match so we lost
Ankit Ved ツ ‏@MaestroAnkit: We wanted more time to prepare for the Nagpur test #PossibleDhoniExcuses
Rishabh Gupta ‏@rishabh_05: #PossibleDhoniExcuses Sakshi forced me to finish the game earlier. So that she can get whole Sunday for Shopping and Kolkata-Darshan.
Sushant Sharma ‏@isushants3:Sakshi need to go to beauty-parlour nd nobody is there to driver her off.. #PossibleDhoniExcuses
Prateek Shah ‏@PrateekShah: #PossibleDhoniExcuses When they said FDI is allowed, we thought Foreigners have to be given the right to come and directly screw us.
_ _ _ _ ! ! ‏@typical_baniya: #PossibleDhoniExcuses we lost because we dint have Raina . . I was without my one gotti ..
Elci ‏@Purple_Delena: #possibledhoniexcuses But of course we thought it was a practice match!! #IndVsEng
Gappistan Radio ‏@GappistanRadio: Letting Monty Panesar's parents migrate to England cost us this series. #PossibleDhoniExcuses
Praful Sohal ‏@psohal:#PossibleDhoniExcuses Viru & Gauti conspired against me during the lunch break so that one of them becomes the new captain
India were eyeing another defeat in the Kolkata Test match as the hosts had already lost nine wickets. 



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