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Trending: Girl's 'skirt length' picture defines stereotypes

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  • Jan 21, 2013, 22:07 PM IST
Trending: Girl's 'skirt length' picture defines stereotypes, trending on web news in English

trending on web news in English

New Delhi: The length of the skirt always manages to raise eyebrows. Too shirt and the girl are sure to be questioned/reprimanded on morality. Too long and the girl is expected to be termed as a 'fashion-outcast'.

Two girls decided to define the length of the skirt and stereotypes associated with different levesl of skirts.

The photograph, titled as 'judgment' went viral over the internet and fetched, as many as, 300,000 on Tumblr, after it was posted on 5th January, 2013.

The photograph was posted by Rosea Lake, 18-years-old, it shows the leg of one of her friend.

There are different marks on with titles, such as, prudish, flirty and proper.

The young girl clarified by saying that we do measure woman the same way we measure water cylinder but are afraid to say it because it would be mean.

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