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Viral Video: Baby sloth 'proposes' girl with flower

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Feb 22, 2013, 17:40 PM IST
Animals are known for their cute and adorable acts. A video uploaded on the video sharing website- YouTube, shows a baby sloth grabbing the hand of a women, supposedly to give her a petal of flower has gone viral on internet.
The baby sloth has won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of viewers all across the world.
The incredible success of the video has become a talking point of many news websites all across the globe.
The video features a tourist who could be seen cuddling the baby sloth, named Matty.
Matty's handler was giving a tour to the visitors. The baby sloth in a adorable display of love presented the handler Claire with a petal from the flower.
The video has been viewed by over 2,44,000 people, since it was uploaded on 13 February.

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