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Be a sinner in these sin cities!

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  • Nov 10, 2012, 16:02 PM IST

Be a sinner is our new motto. If sloth is so evil, why do we relish lazing around the sandy beaches? If greed can kill you, then why do you flock in Vegas each year? And if indulging in something beyond a limit is bad, then why do you stuff yourself with calories and carbs beyond your capacity.


If lust tops your list of vices, then Amsterdam is the place to be. De Wallen in Amsterdam has been a major tourist destination for quite some time now. A complex of alleys, houses around 300 room cabins. Sex workers stand behind a glass window, alluring the passers. De Wallen also encompasses erotic museums, sex shops, peep shows and sex theaters.
Belle, a prominent bronze statue of a sex worker is in close proximity with the De Wallen. Prostitution is legit in Netherland.

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