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Believe it or not: Take a trip to India's very own vanishing sea

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  • Aug 05, 2013, 17:21 PM IST
Believe it or not: Take a trip to India's very own vanishing sea, travel news in English

travel news in English

Have you heard of a sea which vanishes? It’s no magic or an episode from a fairy tale, Chandipur beach in eastern India vanishes right out of sight.


This hardly happens anywhere else in the world. Chandipur beach, in India recedes upto 5kms, gives visitors a chance to walk in the sea!


This can be called a God’s miracle, as the sea recedes up to 5kms during the ebb and returns to its place during high tide. As bizarre it may sound, this processes repeats itself twice a day.


Imagine standing in front of the sea and watching it magically disappear right in front of your eyes. Sound’s exciting, doesn’t it?


Chandipur lies around 200 km from state capital Bhubaneswar.


Casuarina trees add solace to this peaceful dwelling. The gentle rhythm of falling waves, the soft serenade of the wind and sand dunes will transport you to paradise.


Biodiversity in its rarest form can be found here.


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