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PHOTOS: Go back in time at these five magical places in Italy

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  • Aug 06, 2013, 17:30 PM IST


Italy has been successful in holding onto its old world charm till date. This is what ensures Italy a place in the bucket list of all the travelers across the globe.
One just cannot resist falling in love with the beautiful Tuscany sun, whispering cool winds, beautiful landscapes and picturesque settings in Italy. Apart from the scenic beauty, Italy is home to magnificent plazas, cathedrals and architecture jewels. Birth place of luminaries like Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and contemporary fashion gods like Versace and Giorgio Armani, it is bound ooze to charm, style and beauty. Italy looks beautiful by daylight, washed over with mellow yellow sunlight and sparkle but it looks more divine at night. Full moon casting a faint glow over the exotic landscape and quaint buildings which retell a saga of yester years. 
We bring to you some very lovely Italian cities swept over by darkness yet standing conspicuous. 
Read on for a virtual treat.

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    Rome is bestowed with monuments like Forum, Vatican and the Pantheon. Imagine looking at them in full glory. With moonlight falling on the architectures, Rome looks just magnificent at night. Enjoy the ethnic Italian cuisine at the open air restaurants under the dark blanket of sky.
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    Venice is surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Some call it ‘La Serenissima’, meaning the most beautiful. Taking a gondola ride in the waters at midnight with the boatman singing Italian love songs is divine. Your visit to Venice will surely be an unforgettable experience.
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    Milan is officially the fashion capital of the world. Sauvé sense of fashion and beauty is synonym to the people of Milan. Panoramic view of the mountains and glistening lakes are idyllic for a serene vacation. The city looks divine at night. Imagine yourself strolling around the stone paved alleys lit with yellow lights. The experience will be magical. 
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    It is the birthplace of “the change” commonly known as the ‘Renaissance’. It is an amalgamation of art and architecture. Museums which hold the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Raphael and Botticell are a must see. A nightly stroll through famed Ponte Vecchio, Boboli Gardens and into the Duomo will be cherished by you forever.
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    Situated on the landscapes of Tuscany, it is complimented with bright green hills and adored with cypress trees. Stand at the Piazza del Campo at night and imagine centuries-old Il Palio horse race rushing past you. The ancient ruins of the city will take you on a stroll through history.

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