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Khiladi Akshay hides in Goa!

  • Sarwat Fatima, Dailybhaskar.com
  • Nov 30, 2012, 17:09 PM IST
Khiladi Akshay hides in Goa!, travel news in English

travel news in English

Khiladi Akshay is a busy man these days. The promotion of his upcoming movie Khiladi 786 has kept him on his toes. Well Akshay with all the hard work you do, you certainly deserve a break. In an interview with Dilybhaskar.com, Akshay revealed his favourite holiday destination, where he likes to unwind and spend some quality time with his family. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Akshay likes Goa beaches more than Mumbai:

According to Akshay beaches in Goa re more chilled out than Mumbai. Also, it is hard to spot him in Goa. Akshay goes on further to say, “I like Goa beaches better than Mumbai ones. It is hard to spot me there. I feel free and can roam about in Goa. Whenever I am in Goa I ride around the city on a bike. I like to swim there too.”

“People in Goa chilled out and let you be. I can enjoy a meal with my family at the local restaurants and eateries without being hounded,” he added.

When asked where he likes to eat in Goa, he said, “Café orange boom is my favourite. The best thing about that café is that they serve only breakfast. If you go to Goa you should eat there too. “

 He also likes to build sand castles on the beach with his son.


Bangkok is his favourite holiday destination outside India:

Besides Goa, Akshay calls Bangkok as his favourite holiday destination outside India. The prime reason being, “I own a house there”, jokes Akshay.

“No, actually I had lived there for six years. I used to work in Bangkok. I still have a lot of friends living there and I just love the fruits in Bangkok. There are so many memories associated with the place,” said Akshay getting a little nostalgic.






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