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Secret revealed: Things flight attendants don’t want you to know!

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  • Jan 02, 2013, 16:12 PM IST
Secret revealed: Things flight attendants don’t want you to know!, travel news in English

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Some of you may find flight attendants lovely, prime reason being their sparkling smile and their eager urge to make you comfy and happy during your travel. But we have some news for you. Often under the garb of a flattering smile and soft words flight attendants hide things they do not want you to find out. Read on to find out which are those:

-No matter how pleasant they seem, they really don’t like children who keep cribbing.

-Don’t poke them or snap your fingers, they hate it.

-They expect you to know where you can put your bags, asking them time and again really irritates them.

-Even they are unaware of the place the craft is flying over, so don’t ask them.

-According to Huffington Post, “. The coffee that passenger order is actually a decaf even though they asked for a regular.”

-The reason why they oppose people who take laptops or newspapers with them to the lavatory because that means it will remain engaged for a longer period of time.

-In case you want a refill, don’t jiggle your glass, it makes them scream at you.

-When they ask you something, make sure you take off your head phones and listen, after they have to repeat the same requests over and over because you have the head phones plugged in, it makes them want to yank it out.

-Sometimes they hold the dinner for a longer period of times so that the passengers go off to sleep immediately after the dinner and they have less work to do.


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