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Will the alcohol ban on beaches mark the end of Goa?

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  • Apr 25, 2013, 17:19 PM IST
Will the alcohol ban on beaches mark the end of Goa?, travel news in English

travel news in English

Goa, sometimes referred to as the Bangkok of India is slowly losing its charm.
The place is known for its tantalizing night life, exotic shacks, sultry beaches and uber cool lifestyle.
Goa is visited by droves of tourists each year.
Though, a few incidents of crime against women in Goa, has marred its tourist friendly image.
To curb such crimes, Goa government has come up with a stringent law. It has banned drinking liquor on beaches in a bid to curb littering and nuisance caused to women tourists.
Keeping in mind the pace and quality of life Goa offers, of which drinking pints of chilled beer on the beaches is an integral part, will this recent law decrease the number of tourists visiting the city?
It is yet to be seen how the tourists react to the law.
However, one can continue to enjoy drinks at designated places like beach shacks, Goa Tourism Director Nikhil Desai told PTI.
"The ban has been imposed under Goa Tourist Places (Protection and Maintenance) Act which gives the right to the state government to ban things which create nuisance in the tourism zones.
The act envisages to protect and maintain the tourist places from deterioration and erosion and preserve the tourism potential", he said.
India Reserve Battalion (IRB), a wing of Goa Police, manning the law and order on beaches, is asked to implement the order with immediate effect. "The violation will attract arrest", Mr Desai added.
He clarified that the prohibition order is not applicable to drinking in licensed shacks or any other places where retail sale of liquor is allowed.
A favoured tourist destination, Goa attracts around 2.4 million tourists annually, chunk of whom are foreign tourists. 
It is yet to be seen how the tourists react to this new development and what impact the ban of alcohol consumption on beaches, will have on the tourism industry.
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