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AAP leader, Dr Kumar Vishwas takes on Congress at a rally in Amethi

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  • Jan 12, 2014, 15:45 PM IST
AAP leader, Dr Kumar Vishwas takes on Congress at a rally in Amethi, uttar pradesh news in English

uttar pradesh news in English

Amethi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Dr Kumar Vishwas was greeted with black flags by Congress party workers and supporters as he stood up to address the rally in the high-profile constituency of Amethi represented by the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. Responding to the protests Vishwas said, “I may live or die but won’t run away from Amethi.”


AAP supporters set on fire black flags shown to Kumar Vishwas at Amethi’s Ram Leela Ground.


Addressing to the crowd at Amethi, Vishwas said, “I just request to the people of Amethi; till date princes and queens have won because of your votes, this time you are choose your servant.”


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Challenging the Congress workers at their show of black flags, Vishwas reiterated, “The more you display black flags, the more it would push people towards us. We will gain by a thousand votes every day due to your public display of protests against our party.”


Reacting to the jibe by Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma, the 43-year-old poet-turned-politician said, “Joker is a good man, he doesn’t eat coal, you know. It is better to be a joker than a thief.”


Reacting to the people who threw eggs and spurted black ink on the convoy of Vishwas, the AAP leader said, “Tell me the person who threw eggs and black ink on our cavalcade; I promise to you that I would come alone to you and you can kill me at your will. I am an individual not a party and I intend to fight against the ruling Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. The country is calling out to you and you should come together.”


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The AAP leader took on Congress over scams and lack of development in Amethi. He posed questions about the lack of electricity and proper roads and extreme conditions of poverty in the constituency.


Emphasizing on the lack of development in Amethi, Vishwas said, “Rahul Gandhi didn’t ask a single questions in the Parliament about his constituency Amethi.”


Commenting on the Gandhi scion’s political strategy of eating with the people of the dalit community to gain their support, Vishwas said, “Simply eating with Dalits won’t bring change. I will not go to a Dalit’s house and have dinner and then call TV crews to cover.”


Reminding the crowd about the much talked about victory of his party in the Delhi elections, Vishwas said, “We didn’t want to contest the elections, Congress challenged us to fight.”


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Ahead of rally in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency, Vishwas had said, “We are challenging dynasty politics and corruption. If Amethi wants, it can get rid of dynasty politics.”


Answering questions posed by media persons about his decision to contest from the high-profile constituency of Amethi, Vishwas had said, “The President.of America gets himself treated by the Surgeon General of America who is an Indian, whereas Sonia Gandhi runs to America to get herself treated by Americans. If Sonia Gandhi cannot trust the sons of our country while getting herself treated, then how we Indians can trust his son to run our country?”


Challenging Rahul Gandhi to contest only from Amethi for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and calling Congress president Sonia Gandhi ‘maharani’ or queen, the AAP leader attacked her saying, “If you think we will be scared of blag flags, you are wrong. We weren’t scared when we exposed the scam of the ‘maharani’s damad’ (Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra).”



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