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Allahabad: Mother, daughter, locked in a box, burnt alive for dowry

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  • Nov 09, 2012, 21:11 PM IST
Allahabad: Mother, daughter, locked in a box, burnt alive for dowry, uttar pradesh news in English

uttar pradesh news in English

Allahabad:A pregnant woman and her daughter were burnt alive in a box, allegedly for dowry. Relatives of the deceased woman have alleged that her in-laws killed her as she could not bring Rs 50,000 and a motorcycle in her dowry. 
Police have arrested father-in-law and mother-in-law of the deceased. 
Sushila was married to Rakesh Gupta in 2009.Sushila’s family alleges that her in-laws used to taunt her for bringing less dowry and not fulfilling their demands of gifts. Sushila had complained to her parents about the torture and physical assault she faced for not bringing enough dowry. 
Police investigations have revealed that Sushila and her one and a half year old daughter were locked in a box and set on fire. To ensure that no one came to their rescue, the in-laws also locked the room. When the smoke began coming out of the house, neighbours tried to break in and rescue the mother-daughter duo but it was too late. 


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