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LPG cyclinder cap for common man only: No limit on UP's VIP gas guzzlers

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  • Sep 18, 2012, 16:13 PM IST
LPG cyclinder cap for common man only: No limit on UP's VIP gas guzzlers, uttar pradesh news in English

uttar pradesh news in English


New Delhi: At a time when cap on subsidised LPG cylinders have mounted pressure on the common man, startling facts about VIP gas guzzlers have come to the fore. 
While the restricted supply of subsidized cooking gas to six cylinder per household in a year is going to hit the common people badly, there is no limit to the use of gas cylinders when it comes to UP's politicos and other government departments.
The website - LPG Transparency Portal - has revealed that there are as many as 14-20 gas connections registered with gas companies in the name of heads of the government departments. And this was not enough that Union Government is providing subsidies worth several lakhs on these gas connections.
Topping the list of LPG consumption is Lucknow police which consume almost 1800 gas cylinders every month. Only one gas agency is supplying LPG cylinders across the capital city. The high consumption rate can be gauged from the fact that a whopping 6800 cylinders have been issued to Lucknow police in last four months. On these cylinders, Centre has provided a subsidy of Rs 23 lakh 39, 544. 
Prominent among the other VIP gas guzzlers is Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGI). The portal shows more than a dozen connections in the name of SGPGI Director. The consumption pattern will surely raise eyebrows as everyday one LPG cylinder is being used on every connection taking the total number ordered from the hospital in past four months to a whopping 3138  cylinders. The Union government is learnt to have given a subsidy of Rs 10.5 lakh on these cylinders. 
The model jail in Lucknow, too, seems to have kept the kitchen fire burning relentlessly. According to the portal, more than 1000 cylinders have been ordered against the two connections. This takes the cylinder consumption at the address to 33 per day. On an average, a cylinder can cook food for about 500 people. In this respect, the Jail administration is preparing food for over 14,500 people on daily basis. 
The Chief Minister officer is shown to have consumed 34 LPG cylinders during past four months, which counts to 8 cylinders per month. Official figures also disclose that the camp office of UP's Chief Secretary has also taken a hefty chunk of 77 cylinders in four months. 
Uttar Pradesh Governor too has got as many as 24 cylinders issued against his name while Secretary to Governor got 30 cylinders issued in past four months. 
The portal showed as many as 368 cylinders issued in past four months against the address of MLA residence.  In stark contrast, a normal household will now be getting only six cylinders per year.


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