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UP fake encounter: 31 years later, daughter weeps for slain father

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Gonda DSP KP Singh was placed in charge of the operation to deal with the dacoits. On the fateful day of 13th March 1982 he had knocked on Rambaran’s door. He was shot at from within the house and succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital.  

A police force later returned to Gonda, dragged 12 villagers to the riverside and shot them at pointblank range.

CBI reports revealed that there was no encounter as the policemen claimed. Each of the victims had been shot from the front and at very close range.

Moreover, there were no traces of gunshots or any kind of scuffle in the houses near the area where the encounter is said to have taken place. 

Court records reveal that the first report of the carnage was filed in Katra station of Gonda. All police reports then stated that KP Singh had been shot by dacoits holed up inside Rambaran’s house when he went to oust them from their hideout as directed by his seniors.

The reports also said that 12 villagers who were actually dacoits were killed by police in an encounter. On the 24th of Feb 1984, CJM Gonda accepted the reports of the police as final.

The slain DSP’s wife refused to accept what the court had said and she challenged the police report in the Supreme Court.

On the 24th of Feb the SC handed over the case to the CBI.