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3 super ways of proposing to your man on Valentine's Day

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  • Jan 31, 2013, 13:23 PM IST
3 super ways of proposing to your man on Valentine's Day, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Gone are the days when women used to wait for their male counterparts to propose marriage to them. Women have left men folk much behind in the race of love, just like they have in the boardroom. Men are having the time of their lives, for they’ve finally got the chance to experience how it’s like to be wooed by the woman they love. So, still not made the move, guess it’s time you did!

If you’re sure of your feelings for him, it’s certainly the right time to go ahead. Wondering how to go about it? Well, here are a few ideas for sweeping him off his feet:

Try déjà vu
It’s supposed to be the biggest day of your lives, so you ought to take him to the very place you met for the first time. If possible, try wearing the very outfit you were wearing then. Let the idea be a total mystery to him till you reach the spot. Once there, hold his hand and tell him that you think your relationship has come full circle literally and metaphorically and guess it's time for a new beginning, together.

The sip of love
You guys have been keeping busy for long but, your proposal can’t wait? If you’ve reached this point then, you gotta propose to him tonight itself. Unprepared and nervous? Don’t worry… Simply call him at work and tell him you’re catching him for dinner at your favourite restaurant. When the two of you meet finally, order your favourite food along with champagne this time round (Ya, chuck that beer for once). Text him right after the arrival of that golden champagne, let him be busy with his cell phone for a minute and make use of the opportunity to slip in that ring you got just for him. Let him take a few sips and he’ll soon notice that tinge of the gold band, the moment he notices that ring, pop the question. Voila! Isn’t that perfect?

Go down on your knees
Hmm… it’s one of those busy mornings and the two of you are walking down the road. You stop, he looks at you, you bend down on your knees and propose marriage to him. Sounds crazy? Nah, believe me it can’t get more memorable that this and don’t worry, you won’t cheese him out either, for he ought to respect you for making such a public display of your affection, for its him and just him for you. Unsure? Don’t be, take a cue from the Ryan Reynolds-Sandra Bullock starrer, ‘The Proposal’.

So, go ahead and make him your man tonight!



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