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5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani

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  • Apr 19, 2013, 16:22 PM IST
5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani
He's the richest Indian in the world and she's one of the most powerful women in the country. And together, Mukesh and Nita Ambani form one of the most glorious couples in the country.
Mukesh, who turned 55 on Friday is the richest man in the country and the second richest man in Asia. And for all those of you who think the man who runs India's largest corporate firm- RIL handles everything all by himself, we think you don't know his wife Nita well. The baroness, who's an educationist and also handles Mukesh's IPL team 'Mumbai Indians' not only helps Mukesh in running his business, but has been a pillar of support since forever. And, on Mukesh's birthday today, we bring to you 5 unknown things about the lovely couple and how their romance progressed.

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    5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani

    1. Late Dhirubhai Ambani spotted Nita during a cultural performance at Birla Matoshree and he called her the next day, but what followed was rather embarrassing for Nita. "The caller said, “I'm Dhirubhai Ambani.” I said, “Wrong number!” and put down the phone! But the phone rang again and the voice said, “I'm Dhirubhai Ambani, may I talk to Nita?” So I said, “If you are Dhirubhai Ambani, I'm Elizabeth Taylor!and put down the phone,” said Nita in an interview given to designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. "My father was at home that day and sensed there was something happening. So when the phone rang again, he answered. He went a little pale and I recall him saying, “Nita pick up the phone and talk and talk nicely and politely because it is Dhirubhai Ambani!! So I picked up the phone and said, “Jai Shree Krishna!” as that's how we 

    Gujaratis greet each other. And he said, “I'm inviting you to my office.” I was completely stunned!," added Nita.


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    5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani

    2. In the same interview, Nita recalled how Mukesh proposed to her. “This was our sixth or seventh meeting... I was still very undecided... I had said, ‘I need to graduate and let’s think about it later’... and we were driving on Peddar Road [Mumbai] in his green Fiat and there’s a signal at Peddar Road and he stops the car there and this is at 7.30, peak time traffic, and I said, ‘What’s happening’ and he says, ‘Will you marry me?’ I said, ‘Mukesh! I really don’t know...’ He says again, ‘Will you marry me?’ And there was this huge traffic at the back... so he says, ‘Tell me, otherwise I am not going to start the car...’ I said, ‘Yes, I will... I will." 



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    5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani

    3. As per Nita, when Mukesh was courting her, he would pick her up in his Merc and them, one day, Nita asked him to see her mode of travel. The couple took a BEST bus that day.



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    5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani

    4.. According to Mukesh, what he liked about Nita most was her innocence. “I distinctly remember that innocence, I was struck by her unpretentious warmth and poise. She came across as very conservative, traditional yet contemporary in her thinking. She connected instantly with entire family and it was amazing to see how all of them were at ease with each other. We shared lot in common, which is largely because of our similar family upbringing and backgrounds," the businessman was quoted as saying by a leading magazine. And as far as Nita Ambani is concerned, she found Mukesh very warm. “I was touched by his warmth, genuineness, simplicity and humility which he still carries from that time. At our first meeting, more than anything else I felt very comfortable, as I know him better, I realised that behind the simplicity, there is a very quiet determination, an iron will and of course, a sharp mind.,” Nita said in an interview.



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    5 things you didn't know about Mukesh and Nita Ambani

    5. The loving couple ensures they spend time together on a daily basis, no matter how busy they are. “As long as we are in Mumbai, we find the time. However late it is, we do not eat dinner without each other. If I’m late, he’ll wait and if he’s late, I’ll wait. So dinner time is always special. “We have built a temple at home is our favorite place and it is the soul of our house, this where both Mukesh and I together do our aarti every Sunday,” said Nita in an interview to a leading magazine.



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