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'Aashiqui' girl Anu Aggarwal writing a book with a chapter called ‘the mother f****r’

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  • Apr 27, 2013, 16:30 PM IST
While many of us are still to catch the the second installment of Aashiqui, the release of Aashiqui 2 has made many of us look back at the original film, which released in 1990 and went onto become one of the most watched romantic films ever. Though the lead actor of the first part, Rahul Roy was went onto become the winner of the season one of much celebrated reality show, Bigg Boss, his lady love in his debut flick- Anu Aggarwal continues to remain elusive. And, in our attempt of finding her whereabouts, we came across an interview Anu gave to a leading daily in 2012. Here's are a few excerpts from the same.
Anu, who met with a near fatal accident in Mumbai in 1999, says her life became blank post the accident. "I don’t remember what happened in 1999 actually. I have developed a complete block on what actually happened. I don’t have a memory. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, resting in some latent part of my brain. I was driving a car... and I crashed it. I had each and every limb, bone and joint broken in my body. I don’t know whether there was someone else in the car, but I believe there was. I have to go by hearsay, which is not something I particularly want to believe. Beyond that everything is a blank," said Anu.
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