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PHOTOS: A woman journalist who's a part time stripper

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  • Jan 18, 2013, 14:06 PM IST

Journalists are known to be bold, but a former Houston Chronicle reporter, shocked quite a few people when it was revealed that she was pursuing a part time stripping job alongside her journalism job.

Interestingly. Sarah Tressler, who was sacked for her secret stripping job last year, has been hired by the parent company.

Back in April, Sarah Tressler was fired from her job as a society reporter for the Houston Chronicle after she failed to tell them about her after-hours gig as a stripper, which she has chronicled in her blog, ‘Diary of an Angry Stripper.’

The termination came about after an alternative newspaper in Houston was tipped off to the blog and published the story about her background in March, the New York Daily News reported.

And that wasn't enough, after a while Tressler went ahead to sue her former employer’s parent company, the Hearst Corp. claiming that the firing was unfair.

As per her Twitter account, Tressler is now a reporter for the San Antonio Express-News, covering “cops, crime and general mayhem.”

Photo Courtesy: SarahTress and Sarah Lynn Tressler


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