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Understand your man in bed

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  • Dec 05, 2012, 16:35 PM IST
Understand your man in bed, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Men in bed are difficult to understand. Chances are that your man probably means something else when he compliments you while making love to you. Don’t worry, it does not mean he is not in love you. It simply signifies he does not know how to approach the subject. We bring to you the terms men commonly use in bed and their ‘actual meaning’. Decode your man with these tips.

When he says you are beautiful-

When he compliments you all of a sudden, in midst of a passionate love session chances are that you are being too stiff or frigid. Women sometimes get conscious in bed and find it hard to loosen up. It is then when men compliment them all of a sudden to relax them. Maybe he means that he you should let go for some time.

When he asks you whether you like it-

Men sought approval while making love. They are not sure what pleases women and what does not. When he is asking you whether you like certain position or move he wants you to answer yes. It builds his confidence and energizes him. So maybe it is not a question after all, it is re-affirming.

When he says ‘kiss me’-

It is more to turn him on rather than asking you to kiss him. Men like to have conversation which entices them. Conversation in bed for them is all about trying to excite themselves. So maybe when he is asking you to kiss him he is talking to himself to get a little hot.

When he says ‘Was that good’?-

Men are always conscious whether they are good in bed or not. The thought that they are unable to satisfy the women in bed wounds their confidence. Hence the question is for your approval. He wants to listen ‘Yes’. It will boost his ego.

When he says ‘I love you’, while having sex-

When he says that I love you while making love, he probably means that he is having fun. His chants of I love you while doing it often misleading. Women believe that it is a proposal or the man is claiming his love for her, well that is not the case. He is caught in the heat of the moment.


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