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'70% of stranded Yazidis on top of Noah's mountain are dead'

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  • Aug 11, 2014, 09:16 AM IST
'70% of stranded Yazidis on top of Noah's mountain are dead', world news in English

world news in English

Sinjar:  A tragedy is unfolding in front of the eyes of the world as thousands of stranded Iraqi die due to starvation on top of mount Sinjar in Iraq.
According to a western journalist, Jonathan Krohn, who managed to gain access to the mountain on top of an Iraqi government helicopter, the mountain stinks of death.
The helicopter was part of as contingent to supply relief material to the stranded people. 
Krohn described scenes of mayhem below as helicopter dropped supplies through its open gun bay.
The head of the operations, General Ahmed Ithwany, believes that as many as 70 percent of
the people are already dead, Krohn reported in The Telegraph.
Earlier, two American aid flights dropped supplies on top of the mountain. Two C-130 transport aircraft of RAF laden with relief material are already on the way.
Unfortunately, most of the supplies- dropped by US planes- crash landed as they were dropped without the aid of a parachute. 
Owing to the rocky terrain it is extremely difficult to land rescue choppers and only a small number of the people could be rescued by choppers. Amidst threat from ISIS rocket attacks, the choppers have been able to rescue only 100.
On Saturday, Kurdish Pashmerga fighters were able to open a road leading up to the mountain and rescued close to 5,000 people.
Many people have to leave the ailing and old behind as they are no longer capable of carrying on.
Image Courtesy: Kurdistan News


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