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They are always on Facebook: UK trader tired of FB addict employees

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  • Sep 25, 2011, 13:27 PM IST
They are always on Facebook: UK trader tired of FB addict employees, world news in English

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facebook_256_02London: A high-profile British entrepreneur has stopped advertising for new jobs because the people who fill his vacancies spend more time checking Facebook than serving customers.

Richard Haddock runs a cattle farm near Dartmouth in Devon. He has diversified into running a farm shop and garden centre at Churston. He is one of Britain's most high-profile farmers who led protests in the 1990s, the Daily Express reports.

The 54-year-old Haddock said he has pulled out his advertisements from government-run job website Jobcentres because he was fed up with "bored teenagers coming in late, hung-over and more interested in Facebook than doing their work".

The entrepreneur said the quality of candidates was so low that he relied on a board outside his shop to advertise posts.

"I have had youngsters sent here from the Jobcentre and most aren't interested in working at all. They turn up late, half asleep or with hangovers and spend half their time checking their mobile phones," he said.

"If you try to discipline them or help them, they throw it back in your face."

"I have stopped taking people from the Jobcentre because they don't want to work. Now we have a board outside and if anyone is interested I give them a trial," he said.

Britain is under the grip of a youth unemployment crisis.

The number of young people aged between 16 and 24 not in employment, education or training reached 979,000 last year, the department for education said.

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