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Security before Muharram: Pakistan bans mobiles and mo-bikes

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  • Nov 23, 2012, 15:54 PM IST
Security before Muharram: Pakistan bans mobiles and mo-bikes, world news in English

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New Delhi: Unprecedented security measures are in place on the occasion of Muharram in Pakistan. Mobile service has been suspended in Karachi and Quetta. In Hyderabad, use of motorcycle is prohibited from 8th to 10th Muharram (23 November to 25 November).

In Sector G-9 of Islamabad mobile service would remain suspended from 3pm to 6pm on Friday.

A 24X7 ban on mobile service could be put in place for Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Friday.

All the garbage selection sites have been asked to clear to prevent bomb blasts.

Several districts in Khyber Pakhtun mobile services are barred for Saturday and Sunday.

Baluchistan is also gearing up for the Muharram procession, cell phones have been banned and motorcycles are banned near sensitive locations in and around the provincial Quetta.

Dozens of people have been killed in a series of bomb blast that rocked Pakistan in the last few days. Sectarian violence is common in Pakistan, specially, during the time of Muharram.

(Photo: Pakistani army personnel patrol in Islamabad. Reuters)


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