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LIbya: US Congress challenges Obama, votes against military campaign

  • IANS
  • Jun 25, 2011, 10:12 AM IST
LIbya: US Congress challenges Obama, votes against military campaign, world news in English

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libya_0_256Washington: The House of Representatives of the US Congress voted down on Friday a resolution authorising a military campaign in Libya. Lawmakers rejected the resolution by a vote of 295 to 123, challenging the efforts of President Barack Obama to go ahead with operations in Libya.

US lawmakers have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with Obama's violation of the War Powers Resolution, a Vietnam-era law that restricts the presidential power of unleashing war without Congress's permission.

However, the White House said it did not need the approval of Congress since the US had not been involved in hostilities in Libya, but only funded the operation.

Libya has been rocked with protests against leader Muammar Gaddafi since mid-February. The international military operation Unified Protector began March 19 following a UN resolution.

Fourteen of the 28 NATO countries are taking part in the Libyan military campaign, which includes air strikes, a no-fly zone and naval enforcement of an arms embargo in response to attacks on civilians.


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