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Chinese officials axed for being ‘honey trapped’

  • Beijing
  • Jan 26, 2013, 02:27 AM IST
Chinese officials axed for being ‘honey trapped’, world news in English

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Beijing: Eleven Chinese officials were removed from their positions for falling prey to a honeytrap ring, which used to approach the officials to lure them into being extorted using women.  The officials were from Communist Party, government or state-owned companies in southwest metropolis of Chongqing, where the entire ring operated for several years.

According to China’s state media agency Xinhua, the main perpetrator of the ring Xiao Ye used three women as bait to lure officials in the trap. These women used to tape the officials in compromising positions and later, used to blackmail them. However, it was not clear that what was extorted out of the erring officials.

The sex scandal might have come out earlier, but Bo Xilai, the Chongqing party chief at the time, and Wang Lijun, his police chief, buried the results of an investigation into the ring. Mr. Bo and Mr. Wang were both felled last year by the fallout from the murder of a British business executive that was arranged by Mr. Bo’s wife; Mr. Bo is expected to be tried soon on a wide range of criminal charges. While the two scandals are unrelated, the airing of the blackmail ring at this time could reflect a decision by the Chinese leadership to highlight other problems in Chongqing under Mr. Bo’s rule.

Chinese authorities are trying to find out other officials who might have fallen prey to the ‘honey trap’. It is also trying to figure out the ransom these erring officials would have paid to the blackmailers.

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