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Israeli army takes over Hamas TV to broadcast warnings

  • PTI
  • Nov 20, 2012, 10:00 AM IST

Gaza:The Israeli army, on Monday, took over programming at a Gaza-based Hamas television station "to broadcast warnings," as deadly violence between the sides entered its sixth day.   Al-Aqsa television, the official station of Gaza's Hamas rulers, said in a statement the

Israeli army "is interfering with Al-Aqsa TV," with the picture going on and off for several hours and sometimes appearing scrambled.

"We took over the Hamas television to broadcast warnings," a military spokeswoman said, indicating the takeover would probably last for a number of hours. But AFP correspondents in Gaza said they could see no warning being sent out by the army.

(PHOTO: Smoke and debris are seen after Israeli air strike on office of Hamas television channel Al-Aqsa in a building that also houses other media in Gaza City. Reuters)

On Sunday, the army took over Hamas radio broadcasts in Gaza for several hours.

Also on Sunday, at least eight journalists were injured when Israeli jets bombarded two media buildings in Gaza City, with the military saying it had hit Hamas communications sites.

A statement from the Israeli army after the attack called on "international journalists... to stay clear of Hamas's bases and facilities, which serve them in their activity against the citizens of Israel."

Since violence erupted on Wednesday, 90 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza. Over 500 rockets hit Israel, resulting in three deaths.



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