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North Korea's Kim Jong-un challenges UN ban, dares to conduct nuclear test again

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  • Jan 28, 2013, 16:47 PM IST
North Korea's Kim Jong-un challenges UN ban, dares to conduct nuclear test again, world news in English

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Pyongyang: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has talked of ‘high-profile and important remedy’ for cities. According to local media, he is about to launch a nuclear device. If he does so, it would be challenging the ban imposed by the United Nations.
Kim’s meeting with senior officials makes it clear that it is working in the direction of ‘Pyongyang’s provocative motive.’ Kim said he opposes UN’s ban in the wake of a rocket launch in December 2012.
Last week, United Nations Security Council had accused North Korea of the rocket launch in December 2012. It had banned any missile activity in the country. Pyongyang was warned against any launch and was told action would be taken if it did not stop.
North Korea has not accepted any such order and in a rather assertive move, it has called satellite launch its right. Kim has blatantly said that he would continue to make rockets and conduct nuclear test even in future.
Kim could order a nuclear test on February 16. February 16 is important as it is the birthday of Kim’s father Kim Jong-2.
The US, South Korea and other nations have asked North Korea to not conduct nuclear tests as they say it could harm its relations on international level.


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