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Syria: Assad using Scud missile and Cluster bombs against civilians

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  • Dec 21, 2012, 15:41 PM IST
Syria: Assad using Scud missile and Cluster bombs against civilians, world news in English

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New Delhi:NATO detected new launches of scud-type missiles in Syria: source.

Earlier, news reports indicated that President Bashar al-Assad is using cluster bombs, leading to large number of innocent civilian casualty. The Cluster bomb consists of around 42 small bomblets enclosed inside RBK-250 bomb. The RBK-250 bomb opens up in mid-air and let the bomblets fall indiscriminately. The cluster bomb is a vicious weapon when used in civilian areas due to its imprecise nature.

Meanwhile, a UN reports has indicated that the fighting in Syria is no longer a battle between Assad and his enemies. It is increasingly becoming a sectarian conflict. The report also indicated presence of foreign fighters inside Syria. The UN report termed the conflict as a war where no military victory is possible.

Miniature battles are taking place on the sidelines of the wider conflict-between Assad and Rebels.

Most of the minority groups have armed themselves for self-defence. However, the report maintained that main front remains with the forces of Bashar al-Assad and majority Sunny community of Syria.

The reports indicated foreign fighters from as many as 29 different states, including, Europe and America.

The conflict is showing no signs of abating and has claimed over 44,000 lives according to London-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

(PHOTO: Free Syrian Army fighter is seen in Ain Terma area in Ghouta, east of Damascus. Reuters) 


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