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Tahir-Ul-Qadri’s party may participate in Pakistan election

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  • Jan 18, 2013, 16:04 PM IST
Tahir-Ul-Qadri’s party may participate in Pakistan election, world news in English

world news in English

Islamabad: After having reached a deal with the Pakistani establishment to ease the political crisis that has been plaguing the country for some days now, Pakistani cleric Muhammad Tahir-Ul-Qadri has raised speculations that he may participate in the elections.
According to reports, he may be supported by the powerful army, although, the military and Qadri have denied this.
"After signing the agreement for electoral reforms, we are part of the electoral process. We might take part in elections," said Qazir Faizul Islam, secretary of information for Qadri's charity, adding however that Qadri did not have ambitions to become prime minister.


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