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'Angel and gunmen painting shows Reeva had 'premonition' of her death'

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  • Jun 03, 2013, 21:30 PM IST
'Angel and gunmen painting shows Reeva had 'premonition' of her death'
Pretoria:Reeva Steenkamp was afraid of Oscar Pistorius and the couple were arguing frequently, claims the model's mother. 
In a documentary scheduled to be aired tonight the family of deceased model, Reeva Steenkamp have made a series of startling revelations and allegations.
The parents showed a chilling picture, painted by Reeva depicting an angel, a gunmen and a stairway to Heaven.
The parents say that the picture was 'premonition' and Reeva had 'sensed' her death years ago. The image was painted when Reeva was a teenage girl.
'And it is, if you look at it, it's a premonition of what happened to her. And she's petrified. She's afraid. She's showing horror and she's afraid. She's terrified. Her hands are over her mouth, and she's terrified' she said on Daily Mail.
In another revelation, the mother says that in June last year she received a call from Reeva in which she said that she was afraid. 
Apparently, the couple were driving in a car along with a common friend. Reeva was afraid because Oscar Pistorius was driving the car at a very high speed. 
‘Mummy I’m in the car with Oscar and he’s driving like a lunatic', Reeva had said.
The mother asked Reeva to give the phone to Oscar Pistorius and reprimanded him. 
'I said, listen, if you hurt my baby in any way I will have you wiped out. I didn’t mean murder him, I’m just saying, that’s what I said. And I know the friend that was in the car was a friend of Reeva and a friend of Oscar and he told me afterwards that Oscar slowed down immediately', reveals Reeva's mother.
In another phone conversation, Reeva confided in her mother and told her that they have been fighting a lot.
A distraught mother says that Oscar Pistorius shot Reeva till she was dead and she wants to know why he shot her?
Oscar Pistorius is schedule to appear in court on Tuesday.

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    'Angel and gunmen painting shows Reeva had 'premonition' of her death'
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    'Angel and gunmen painting shows Reeva had 'premonition' of her death'


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