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Is discovery of extraterrestrial life being kept under wrap? A meteor in Sri Lanka may provide crucial answers

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  • Oct 03, 2013, 17:42 PM IST
Is discovery of extraterrestrial life being kept under wrap? A meteor in Sri Lanka may provide crucial answers, world news in English

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Colombo/ London/ New Delhi:On December 29, 2012, a meteorite was discovered in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.


Director of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, Chandra Wickramasinghe, conducted a study in which he found “a microstructure and morphology characteristic of a wide class of terrestrial diatoms.”


In more simple terms- proof of extraterrestrial life form, or,  an unequivocal proof of biology in extraterrestrial setting.


A second opinion was sought from Cardiff University. The university's findings were startling. It said- 'the samples were “unequivocally meteorites” and that the analysis of the material structure showed that algae-like fossils were native to it.'


This was one of the most accurate proofs of scientists stumbling on proof that life exists beyond the sphere of our planet- Earth.


A change in the way- perception of astronomical spaces- paved the way for Wickramasinghe and his team to make these crucial findings.


In 1962, a pioneering theory that focused on carbon grains against the existing theory of studying ice grain structures laid the foundation stone for Wikramasinghe's findings.


Later, Sir Fred Hoyle and Wickramasinghe co-developed a theory known as 'panspermia'. The theory suggested the universe and is distributed by meteoroids and asteroids.


The Sri Lankan meteorite provided Wickramasinghe an apt opportunity to practice his theory.



So if the finding was so very important, why did it failed to make any headlines?


It is said that scientists have already found proofs of 'intelligent extraterrestrial life' and this astonishing piece of information has been hidden from the public domain for past 70 years, at least.


The 'social and cultural pressures' to keep the general public away from the euphoria and keep the findings, similar to the Wickramasinghe's- CONSTRAINED.


Source: Journals of Cosmology



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