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Private re-homing: Where parents give away adopted children they find too 'difficult'

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  • Sep 10, 2013, 05:22 AM IST
Private re-homing: Where parents give away adopted children they find too 'difficult', world news in English

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New York:Americans are abandoning their adopted children they no longer need.
In an investigative report conducted by a prominent news agency, shocking facts have come to light. Many American parents are giving up on their troubled adopted children to complete strangers without any verification.
The report cites an example of Puchalla family who adopted a Liberian girl. The husband-wife duo went ahead with adoption despite being warned that the girl has severe mental health issues.
After struggling with her for two years, the parents relented and offered to 'give her away' through an advertisement on internet.
They got a positive response to the advertisement in mere two days. The handover was completed without any attorney or paperwork.
Puchalla family was shocked to find out that the parents they had handed over their 'difficult' girl were mentally unstable. The girl disappeared two weeks after the 'handover'.
There are numerous other cases where parents have advertised to give away their adopted children as they found it difficult to raise them.
The practice is called as "private re-homing". Social networking sites, Facebook are used to facilitate such transactions.
Most of the children adopted are of foreign origin from Eastern Europe to Russia.
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In the picture, Randy Winslow plays cards with the 10-year-old boy he and Nicole Eason obtained through the Internet in this undated family photo taken in 2006 in Appleton, Wisconsin.


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