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Hang religious pictures only in Vaastu approved directions

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  • Oct 09, 2010, 13:12 PM IST
Hang religious pictures only in Vaastu approved directions, vaastu news in English

vaastu news in English

Minor amendments in the placement of religious pictures can counter major problems and infuse your house with positivity and tranquility.
omPictures of Gods, Goddesses in right directions bring happiness and contentment. Let us see which direction suits the best to which Gods or Goddesses.
1.  Pictures of Lord Krishna either alone or with his consort, Radha, be hung in the bedroom.
2.  Pictures of Hanuman should face south
3   Pictures/photos of (a) Swastika (b) Lotus flower and (c) flower pot; and toys also have a positive effect.
4.  The photos Lord Shiva, Goddess Laxmi, Durga, Saraswati, Shri Kuber and Gandharv, can be placed in the north direction.

But there is a word of caution -

A.   If you want to hang the picture of Goddess Laxmi, then choose such picture in which she is portrayed in sitting posture
b.   Never hang pictures which depict the war scenes from the epics - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
c.   The lion on whose back Goddess Durga rides should not have an open mouth.

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