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No clash between Rani, Kajol

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  • Oct 30, 2010, 14:12 PM IST
No clash between Rani, Kajol,  gossip news in English

gossip news in English

kajolrani_pic_443Kajol could not attend Rani Mukerji’s Durga puja, but Rani is still ecstatic with the new addition in the family.

“It is not true that both of them (Rani and Kajol) share cold vibes. They share a very normal relationship. They are not too close but they are on talking terms and wish each other on family functions,” says a friend close to Rani.

“This year’s Durga puja has brought in a lot of good news,” said Rani, referring to the birth of Kajol’s son, Yug. Last year, Kajol was seen serving prasad to Rani during the bhog at the Durga puja.

“The puja was jointly set up by the Mukerji’s during 1947. Our fathers (Rani’s and Kajol’s) had established the Durga puja as a strictly family affair. At that point one needed a pass to get inside the mandalam. All the actors used to come on their own and perform at the cultural functions on all the four days of the Durga puja,” she said.
Mukerji said that she feels bad about the fact that a strictly family affair has now become commercial.

“The mahol was different in those days when we used to come and perform at our puja (she’s referring to her brothers and cousin Kajol). Now it has turned into a commercial affair with artists being paid to perform, sponsors et al. I still long for something that I have left behind,” she said.

Sources also say that a lot of calls were made to Kajol’s house congratulating her on the birth of her son. Most of the calls, sources say, went to her mother Tanuja.

“Rani’s family is very much in touch with Kajol’s mom, Tanuja and she took the congratulatory calls on behalf of her daughter,” says the source.


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